About Us:

The SHAVE EDGE is a leading Pakistani manufacturer of Shaving Gear & Beauty Care Instruments. We specialize in the manufacture of Shaving Products and can offer a full service from Design, through Prototyping and on to Full Production Runs. SHAVE EDGE is gazing at the individual needs for the coming era while believing there is no end line in business. We have a success-full business reason because of products outstanding durability, accuracy is fetching very enraging response from the prospective buyers. We find customers, who would like to long-term relations in business. We always wish you like to work with us as a part of our company.

We Offer all types of Hair Cutting Scissors, Shaving Razors, Manicure Instruments and Pedicure Tools, Beauty & Sharpy instruments, Barber Gear, Eyelash Extension Tweezers, Hunting Knives. We are self-reliant manufacturer equipping with all in the house of production processes, right from raw material to end user applying the most modern and latest technology.

After a couple of years, we have another step in Beauty Salon Barber Apparels and Promotional Products. We offer top quality products and our prices are very competitive. All these goods are produced in different styles and materials according to the customer requirements and instructions. We are always in a position to produce quality products and quality assurance and on-time delivery to our buyers.

Research and Development:

SHAVE EDGE products are made to international standard and always follow client specifications, raw materials used are of highest quality. Testing equipment is installed in our lab for testing of raw material & products.

Stock Maintains:

SHAVE EDGE have a team of stock maintains, that affixes a tag on each item in the stock bearing material code number. These tags make separate all the items from one-another to find required material.